Accusations is a series of solo dance performances that visualizes motion, image, film, sound and text. Choreographer Ann Van den Broek curated a series of solo dance performances, built around one dancer based on the material of the play Accusations. This evening, there will be two performances. #3 by Gregory Fateur and #4 by Nik Rajsek.

21:00 – 21:30

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


Free entrance with ticket

  • Accusation # 2: I escape (with flash forward #5: I control) on 16 november. Performers: Louis Combeaud & Laila Gozzi
  • Accusation # 5: I control (with flash forward # 4: I act) on 23 november. Performers: Laila Gozzi & Nik Rajsek
  • Accusation # 4: I act (18:30) & Accusation # 3: I fear fear (21:00) on 30 november. Performers: Nik Rajsek & Gregory Frateur
  • Accusation # 1: I question on 7 december. Performer: Frauke Mariën
  • Accusation # 3: I fear fear on 14 december. Performer: Gregory Frateur
  • Accusation # 4 : I act on 21 december. Performer: Nik Rajsek

Thursday Night Live!

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