Adriana Strating will take up the post of Director of Business & Development from 1 September. In this position, she will ensure Het Nieuwe Instituut’s financial future and contribute to the quality of internal decision-making, assessment and monitoring processes. Strating was previously chief operating officer of the Keesing Media Group, chair of Keesing Digital Games (part of the Telegraaf Media Group) and chair of the Board of Trustees of Aldipress.

Judith van Kranendonk will take up the chairmanship of the Board of Trustees on 1 October. Under her chairmanship, a new Board of Trustees will be formed. Van Kranendonk was previously director general of culture and media at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, chair of the steering committee for the new Rijksmuseum, and has sat on numerous boards including those of the Metropole Orkest and Codart.

In 2015 the Board of Trustees of Het Nieuwe Instituut commissioned a report on how it applies the Governance Code for Culture, the standard for transparent management and accountability in the cultural sector. The Board of Trustees accepted all the report’s recommendations and agreed a seven-point agenda to further the institute’s professionalisation, including the appointment of a director of Business & Development and a new chair of the Board of Trustees.

Dossier Het Nieuwe Instituut en Governance Code Cultuur (in Dutch)