hiphophuis & Het Nieuwe Instituut present the Afro Coalition and especially for the opening of the Wey Dey Move exhibition in Het Nieuwe Instituut, bringing together the best Afro club parties in the Netherlands on one dance floor. Expect the hottest Amapiano, Afrobeat(s), Afrohouse and Afrotech anthems. Dress to impress, dance like nobody's watching. 


  • 21.00-23.00 DJ zobayda
  • 23.00-00.00 Doulou (Pianoland)
  • 00.00-01.00 Cincity (Cloud 8)
  • 01.00-02.00 Waxfiend (Ziongate)
  • 02.00-03.00 Donn Stone (Woza)

This event is part of the opening night of the Wey Dey Move exhibiton, and is preceded by an opening performance

About Wey Dey Move

Wey dey move – is a Nigerian Pidgin term with multiple interpretations that can mean “the path changes”or describe the cultural phenomenon of things changing. It’s also the title and heartbeat of this exhibition. Wey Dey Move celebrates the important role movement and dance play in the spiritual, social, and ecological cultures of Lagos, Nigeria and other major cities in West Africa. Read more about the exhibition here.