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Archive, Research, Exhibition

Temporary House of Home

Archive, Research, Exhibition

04 Jul 2021 — 15 May 2022

With a multifaceted Temporary House of Home Het Nieuwe Instituut explores how our thinking about domestic interiors and design has evolved over the past decades. 


Designing the Social

100  years of idiosyncratic living in the Netherlands 


04 Jul 2021 — 07 Jul 2024

Designing the Social  is an exhibition exploring 100 years of socially driven, idiosyncratic ideas about living together. Sometimes out of idealism, often out of pure necessity, alternative design strategies were developed in the pursuit of an equal society.

Research, Exhibition

The Architecture of Staged Realities

Research, Exhibition

05 Sep 2021 — 27 Mar 2022

In this exhibition, on show at Het Nieuwe Instituut from September 2021, curator Saskia van Stein examines the influence of Disney’s films and thinking on today’s built environment and sense of identity.

Archive, Research, Exhibition


The Living Archive of a Studio

Archive, Research, Exhibition

06 Nov 2021 — 04 Sep 2022

MVRDVHNI: The Living Archive of a Studio explores the archive of architecture office MVRDV. Het Nieuwe Instituut displays the MVRDV archive as a living entity in an office context, rather than in a museum gallery context. As a working environment, after all, the office is the place where ideas and projects move fluidly back and forth between present, past and future.

Children and Families

Criss, Cross, Who Is It That I Wish I Was?

Design Deck

05 Sep 2021 — 27 Mar 2022

The Design Deck at Het Nieuwe Instituut turns visitors into digital designers. In Criss, Cross, Who Is It That I Wish I Was? you can design your own wondrous world and the creatures that live in it. Your design is scanned, bringing it to life on a bigger screen where it imitates the craziest movements you can come up with.


Every Body in the Place

A Portrait of the Club

04 Nov 2021 — 23 Jan 2022

Photographer Amie Galbraith (UK), scenographer Karl Klomp (NL), artist and musician Gaika Tavares (UK) and artist and gardener Juha van 't Zelfde (NL) transform Gallery -1 of Het Nieuwe Instituut into a club for a few months. In their installation in the basement, they use various media to sketch a collective 'portrait' of club culture and the feeling of being one with the surroundings and each other. After a forced period without nightlife, visitors can (re)experience the togetherness and collective joy of music and dance.



Home of Your Own

18 Nov 2021 — 13 Mar 2022

Met hun multimediale installatie IF WALLS COULD TALK grijpen de kunstenaars, ontwerpers en programmamakers van (A)WAKE de derde editie van Home of Your Own aan voor een bespiegeling op het nieuwe maatschappelijke weefsel dat we tijdens de coronapandemie hebben geweven. Geïnspireerd door het gezegde dat ‘de muren op je af komen’, confronteert de installatie de bezoeker met behulp van virtual reality met dit nieuwe maatschappelijke weefsel. In de VR-ervaring maken bezoekers kennis met de zawiya (vrij te vertalen als ‘de hoek’), een term die in de Maghreb en West-Afrika wordt gebruikt voor een plek om conflicten binnen de gemeenschap te verzamelen en op te lossen.


Building the Visual Mind

Gallery 3 By Donna Verheijden

11 Dec 2021 — 27 Feb 2022

In the exhibition Building the Visual Mind, artist, designer and filmmaker Donna Verheijden tells new stories using old materials from Het Nieuwe Instituut’s digital archive. 


The Rural School of Economics

Gallery 3 By Myvillages

11 Jan — 27 Feb 2022

Myvillages, an international artist collective which supports cultural production in rural areas, presents The Rural School of Economics in Gallery 3. In this exhibition, the inhabitants of three villages – two in Russian, one in Belarus – create photos, images and objects that reveal how they see and shape their environment.


Research, Exhibition, Workshop

The World Around Summit 2022

The World Around x Het Nieuwe Instituut x Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Research, Exhibition, Workshop

Sat 05 Feb 2022

We’re thrilled to be a part of the 2022 Summit of The World Around, a co-production by The World Around, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Het Nieuwe Instituut taking place live at the Guggenheim on February 5 and broadcasted online for free.

Archive, Research, Exhibition

The Future Through Artificial Eyes

20 Years of VPRO Tegenlicht

Archive, Research, Exhibition

20 Feb — 26 Jun 2022

Visions of the future change with technological and social developments. In this installation by researcher and designer Richard Vijgen, visitors can examine future visions from the past 20 years with the help of artificial intelligence. By playing with the ‘eyes’ with which the computer views the archive of the future-themed TV programme VPRO Tegenlicht, you experience how it processes information. What patterns does it ‘see’ in 555 VPRO Tegenlicht broadcasts?

Conversation, Talk show

Housing Futures

a weekend on spatial strategies for alternative ways of living together

22 Jan — 23 Jan 2022

POSTPONED: This is the event that was originally scheduled for 20 and 21 November 2021. Due to current developments around Covid-19 and restrictive security measures in place at the time, it has been moved to 22 and 23 January 2022.

As the housing movement is gaining new momentum, Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Independent School for the City will host two days of conversations on spatial strategies for housing alternatives and non-normative forms of living. Housing Futures will provide a platform to discuss everything from the future of squatting to the rise of new models for cooperative housing, while at the same time rethinking how to document and preserve these spatial, social and political strategies for future generations. Housing Futures aims to contribute to the growing housing movement with new ideas, fresh connections and practical solutions.


Conversation, Lecture

Social Talks x Housing Futures

Social Talks #2

Thu 03 Feb 2022, 19:30 — 21:00

This edition of Social Talks builds on the Housing Futures event organised by Het Nieuwe Instituut in January 2022 with the Independent School for the City. In the context of todays housing crisis, guests discuss the future of alternative housing models. How will the squatters movement evolve, in what ways can we live cooperatively, and how do we preserve such spatial, social and political strategies for future generations?


The World Around

Summit 2022

Sat 05 Feb 2022, 17:00 — 23:00

As the planet faces a climate emergency, the need for progressive, global and interdisciplinary ideas to rethink and reimagine our world has never been more urgent. The World Around Summit, on 5 February 2022, invites visitors to meet contemporary architecture and design’s now, near and next, with invited speakers from all over the world speaking to their recent and under-construction projects in the field of spatial and environmental practice, examining cutting edge ideas, critical thinking and visionary new work, technology and research.

Lecture, Performance

Holding Space with Aminata Cairo

Reading Room

Thu 10 Feb 2022, 19:30 — 21:00

Speaker, academic and storyteller Aminata Cairo reads from her recently published book Holding Space, in which she explains her own approach to inclusion. As with the book, this presentation is an experience: with music, dance and words, Cairo involves everyone present in the joint pursuit of an equal space where everyone is valued.


Archiving the Social

Thursday Night Live!

Thu 17 Feb 2022, 19:00 — 21:00

The Network of Archives for Design and Digital Culture (NADD) takes Amsterdam’s pioneering De Digitale Stad (The Digital City) project, revisited in the exhibition Designing the Social, as a departure point for discussing the relevance of preserving digital culture. The evening will focus on questions surrounding the social dimensions of archiving in the field. Marleen Stikker (founder of Waag and De Digitale Stad) will tell something about the principles and ideals of De Digitale Stad, Tjarda de Haan (researcher and archivist) talks about excavating and unlocking De Digitale Stad, and Kees Teszelszky (conservator Digital Collections) presents examples from the XS4ALL homepage collection of the National Library of The Netherlands. The evening will be moderated by Katía Truijen.

Film, Conversation, Performance


The One Minutes x Het Nieuwe Instituut

Thu 17 Feb 2022, 19:30 — 21:00

Sea levels are rising. A rise of one metre would cause millions of people to lose their homes, fleeing the water as their land becomes uninhabitable. In this live edition of The One Minutes hosted by Het Nieuwe Instituut, we look at the sea through the eyes of young people from the Maldives, the novelist Alma Mathijsen, Maltese NGO Kinemastik, and many others.


Colonial Spectres #2

And Other Spectres x TNL!

Thu 24 Feb 2022, 19:30 — 21:00

In the second event in the Colonial Spectres series, researcher and filmmaker Janilda Bartolomeu talks to filmmaker and professor Sophia Siddique Harvey and film studies professor Rosalind Galt about the position of women in Indonesia during the Dutch occupation.