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Archive, Exhibition

Atelier Nelly and Theo van Doesburg

Archive, Exhibition

11 Jul 2020 — 03 Oct 2021

A new look at the work of Nelly and Theo van Doesburg is possible thanks to the restoration of their architecture archive. The exhibition recognises Nelly as a key figure in the consolidation of the reputation of Van Doesburg and De Stijl. The magnificent focus of the exhibition will be on the couple’s most striking joint project: their studio-house in the Parisian suburb of Meudon. Sketches, drawings and scale models rarely (if ever) exhibited before reveal the house’s rich history.

Research, Exhibition


Research, Exhibition

20 Sep 2020 — 15 Aug 2021

Conceived as a spa resort, the exhibition Lithium highlights the beneficial and destructive aspects of the eternal human search for energy. Researchers, designers and artists reflect on the role of the chemical element lithium in powering today’s economy. How many times can we recharge our batteries without addressing the causes of depletion, in both human bodies and the planet?


Art on Display 1949-69


04 Oct 2020 — 06 Jun 2021

How do we present art? And how do we look at it, as viewers? Most museum visitors look at artworks without noticing how they are displayed. In contrast, Art on Display 1949-69 focuses not on artworks themselves, but on the way they are presented. For the first time, the exhibition brings together some of the most progressive postwar exhibition designs by architects in the form of 1:1 reconstructions. Featuring displays by Franco Albini and Franca Helg, Lina Bo Bardi, Aldo van Eyck, Carlo Scarpa and Alison and Peter Smithson.

Children and Families, Workshop

Long Live the Future!

Be a digital designer

07 Jul 2020 — 31 Dec 2021

Het Nieuwe Instituut’s production location turns visitors into digital designers. In Long Live the Future! families design the world in the year 2520. And if you’re a designer of the future, anything is possible.



Gallery 3 By Rare

16 Apr — 16 May 2021

With this exhibition, the collective Rare moves away from perfectly finished images, detailed plans and coherent ideas, instead focusing our attention on simple drawings, quick notes, models and the variety of different analytical methods used in academia to convey ideas. 

Film, Conversation

Articulating Sauce

Life at the Niteshop

Thu 22 Apr 2021, 19:00 — 20:00

In collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut, Concrete Blossom presents a series of video essays and podcasts about language, imagery and space in hip hop culture. In the first edition, Munganyende Hélène Christelle and Wes Mapes join Concrete Blossom to talk about the philosophy of Gucci Mane (‘the sauce’), knowledge in our social circles, and the embodiment of this knowledge in a westernised society. 


Not Quite a Finissage!

Istanbul Design Biennial

Sat 24 Apr 2021, 12:00 — 17:00

The 5th Istanbul Design Biennial, with the theme Empathy Revisited: Designs for More Than One, enters its final days. Curated by Mariana Pestana with Sumitra Upham and Billie Muraben, the biennial will conclude with a day-long closing event Not Quite a Finissage! on 24 April 2021 while opening new works to the public at the same time. Co-hosted with the Design Museum and Het Nieuwe Instituut, the event will present design projects that encourage us to rethink practices of care and civility at this critical moment in time, and to collectively build new systems and structures for reconnecting.




the Dutch pavilion for the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia


22 May — 21 Nov 2021

Het Nieuwe Instituut, commissioner of the Dutch pavilion for the 17th International Architecture Exhibition  La Biennale di Venezia, presents Who is We?, the Netherlands' official contribution to the biennale. The biennale will be open to the public from 22 May to 21 November 2021. On May 20 On 20 May Who is We? officially opens with an online programme.

Research, Exhibition

The Architecture of Staged Realities

Research, Exhibition

05 Sep 2021 — 27 Mar 2022

In this exhibition, on show at Het Nieuwe Instituut from September 2021, curator Saskia van Stein examines the influence of Disney’s films and thinking on today’s built environment and sense of identity.


Re:Use Clinic #2

Uncertain Archives, Ethical Dilemmas

Mon 26 Apr 2021, 14:00 — 16:00

On Monday 26 April, Open Archive and ARIAS collaboratively organise Re:Use Clinic #2: Uncertain Archives, Ethical Dilemmas, a public event for heritage professionals, artists and other interested parties, in the creative reuse of heritage collections.


Zoönomic Curriculum

Workshop series

30 Apr — 18 Jun 2021

The Zoönomic Curriculum is intended for participants who are interested in starting their own zoöp or who want to become an active member of a Zoönomic Foundation. The programme is developed around the Zoönomic Method and trains the participants in the process of starting and developing a zoöp. 


Value and Care in Design

TNL! Design Dialogues

Thu 06 May 2021, 19:00 — 20:30

Het Nieuwe Instituut and designer Elisa van Joolen introduce EVJ, a series of tote bags made from used plastic bags that will be available to borrow. In the second edition of Design Dialogues on 6 May, Van Joolen will be joined by archaeologist Maikel Kuipers, philosopher Patricia de Vries, designer Karim Adduchi, journalist Lynn Berger and experienced bag-caretakers at Het Nieuwe Instituut. The conversation will be about taking care of things that aren’t ours, imbuing the disposable with value, and answering the question: what happens when an ordinary object becomes something in our care?


For the Record: In Another Setting

Rewire x Het Nieuwe Instituut

Fri 07 May 2021, 16:00 — 17:30

In collaboration with Rewire Festival, Het Nieuwe Instituut presents For the Record: In Another Setting. This event explores design tactics for collective music experiences during the pandemic and beyond. With Alpha Rats (Japan), Archivo Auxiliar (Mexico), GLOR1A (UK), Volumetric Performance Toolkit (USA) and Jason King (USA).


Who is We?

Online opening programme

Thu 20 May 2021, 12:00 — 17:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut cordially invites you to the online opening programme of Who is We?, the official Dutch contribution to the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, on 20 May 2021, at 12 noon (CET).