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The New Garden


10 May 2015 — 31 Dec 2022

The New Garden has been part of the outdoor space of Het Nieuwe Instituut since 2015. It is used to raise current design issues. Ecological management and creating a high level of biodiversity are the starting points. In the winter of 2021, the garden was redesigned due to the restructuring of the Museum Park. In the coming years, work will be done on the ecological restoration of the garden and it will come into full bloom once more.


Designing the Social

100  years of idiosyncratic living in the Netherlands 


04 Jul 2021 — 07 Jul 2024

Designing the Social  is an exhibition exploring 100 years of socially driven, idiosyncratic ideas about living together. Sometimes out of idealism, often out of pure necessity, alternative design strategies were developed in the pursuit of an equal society.

Agency, Research, Exhibition

Have we met? humans and hon-humans on common ground

23rd International Exhibition Triennale Milano

Agency, Research, Exhibition

15 Jul — 11 Dec 2022

Het Nieuwe Instituut presents the exhibition Have we met? humans and non-humans on common ground, the official Dutch contribution to the 23rd International Exhibition Triennale Milano, which is on show until 11 December 2022 in Milan. The overall theme of Triennale Milano this year is Unknown Unknowns. The exhibition, comissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut, has won the Golden Bee award presented by the Triennale, which is awarded on the basis of the precision of the interpretation of the theme and the quality and relevance of the ideas that have been put forth. 

Agency, Research, Exhibition

Prix de Rome Architecture 2022

Healing Sites

Agency, Research, Exhibition

18 Nov 2022 — 09 Apr 2023

Visit the exhibition Prix de Rome Architecture 2022 – Healing Sites, which opens on 18 November 2022 at Het Nieuwe Instituut. Featuring the entries of the shortlisted architects for the Prix de Rome Architecture 2022, with exhibition design by Zico Lopes (Spatial Codes), it reveals how finalists Arna Mačkić, Dividual (Andrea Bit and Maciej Wieczorkowski), Lesia Topolnyk, and Studio KIWI (Kim Kool and Willemijn van Manen) respond to the Healing Sites theme.


Wey Dey Move: Imagining New Worlds Through Dance and Masquerade

Exhibition curated by Dele Adeyemo

17 Jul 2022 — 08 Jan 2023

Wey dey move is a Nigerian Pidgin term with multiple interpretations. It can mean “the path changes”, or describe the cultural phenomenon of things changing. It’s also the title and heartbeat of this exhibition. Wey Dey Move celebrates the important role movement and dance play in the spiritual, social, and ecological cultures of Lagos, Nigeria, and other major cities in West Africa. 


The Energy Show

Sun, Solar and Human Power

03 Sep 2022 — 05 Mar 2023

How much energy do we have and need today? This question opens The Energy Show – Sun, Solar and Human Power, an exhibition that can be seen from 3 September 2022 through 5 March 2023 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. The exhibition, put together by curator and designer Matylda Krzykowski and in collaboration with The Solar Biennale, revolves around the sun and its design possibilities. It reflects on visitors’ personal energy levels, features dozens of examples of innovative solar technology, and poses the key question: what would the world look like if it ran on solar energy? 





20 Oct — 31 Dec 2022

Based on the short film of the same name by artists Mandy El-Sayegh and Helena Hunter and curator Renan Laru-an, Sourcebook is an exhibition that expands on methods of artistic research, notably within archival collections, exploring and showcasing research impulses through their “conceptual, material and structural coincidences”. The exhibition can be seen until the end of 2022 in Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Research Centre and is shown together with archival material from the National Collection of Het Nieuwe Instituut.


Open Archive 3.0


28 Oct 2022 — 26 Mar 2023

Together with Sound & Vision and the International Institute of Social History, Het Nieuwe Instituut is organising the third edition of Open Archive, in which four makers search open digital heritage collections for new stories, with new media works as the end result.


This Too Shall Pass

Gallery 3 By Rein Kooyman

10 Nov — 22 Dec 2022

An ode to nature and the conscious practice of being in the moment, This Too Shall Pass is a personal project by photographer Rein Kooyman. It documents a journey of self-discovery and acceptance through the nature of the French Alps. The exhibition in Gallery 3 presents a series of photographs in which he captures the process of painting giant boulders using natural pigments. 


Alison's Room

VR installation

24 Nov 2022 — 04 Jan 2023

The prototype installation Alison’s Room explores the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality technologies in relation to archival studies and design research. Paula Strunden has recreated the original workroom of British architect and author Alison Smithson to experiment with new narratives, offering a fresh combination of immersive experience and the communication of history-based design knowledge.


Dreamers of the Playscape

Gallery 3 By NeeNee Collective

01 Dec 2022 — 05 Jan 2023

Based on their experiences as Asian artists and exhibition makers in the Netherlands, the members of the NeeNee Collective aim to create projects that allow space for new perspectives and dialogues between different cultures. For Dreamers of the Playscape, initiators Dae Uk Kim, Kurina Sohn and Soyoun Kim have invited fellow artists Jonathan Vervoort, Joppe Venema and Marijn Ottenhof to join them in their search for a genuinely inclusive approach to inclusivity.


De Huttenbouwers

Gallery 3 By Pepelsenkrepels (Myrthe Krepel and Nadia Pepels)

01 Dec 2022 — 23 Jan 2023

The project De Huttenbouwers by Pepelsenkrepels invites us to play. Last year, Myrthe and Nadia built several living-room huts with adults in Rotterdam, challenging people to let their imaginations run wild and co-creating special places inside the home.


Resituating Colonial Archives / Simpang Susun Arsip Kolonial

Online workshop

Thu 08 Dec 2022, 12:30 — 15:00

How can Indonesian researchers, artists and architects enjoy better access to the ex-colonial archives stored in Rotterdam as part of the Dutch National Collection? Het Nieuwe Instituut joins forces with Indonesian platforms Gudskul and for a series of workshops and a public exhibition exploring ways to improve accessibility and future collaboration.


Have we met?

Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (UABB) Shenzhen

09 Dec 2022 — 12 Mar 2023

In line with this year’s UABB main theme ‘Urban Cosmologies’, Have we met? promotes new ways of understanding our planet as a shared space for plants, microbes, humans, and other animals. The exhibition was developed as the official Dutch contribution to the 23rd Triennale Milano and opened in July of 2022. Both condensed and expanded, Have we met? will be shown at Shenzhen's Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture from 25 November to 25 February 2023.


Lecture, Conversation

Deltametropolis: Ukraine and the Netherlands

Wed 21 Dec 2022, 19:00 — 21:00

Paul Gerretsen of the Deltametropool Association discusses metropolitan developments with a guest speaker from Ukraine. What lessons learned since the reconstruction of Rotterdam could inform the future reconstruction of metropolitan areas in Ukraine? How to build on an initial recovery to create a stable, sustainable and innovative spatial practice? Which policy reforms in the field of spatial planning would help?


Workshop, Children and Families

BFF (Best FamilieFest)


Wed 28 Dec 2022, 11:00 — 16:00

Put your best foot forward, bring your best friends along and (re)experience the most exciting adventures at our best FamilieFest ever!


Resituating Colonial Archives / Simpang Susun Arsip Kolonial

Online workshop

Thu 12 Jan 2023, 12:30 — 15:00

How can Indonesian researchers, artists and architects enjoy better access to the ex-colonial archives stored in Rotterdam as part of the Dutch National Collection? Het Nieuwe Instituut joins forces with Indonesian platforms Gudskul and for a series of workshops and a public exhibition exploring ways to improve accessibility and future collaboration.


Atlas of Imagination

Thu 26 Jan 2023, 19:30 — 21:00

Celebrate the launch of the Atlas of Imagination. Initiated by Floris Alkemade, this new publication takes a distinctly different look at vast landscapes, agriculture, industry, logistics, entrepreneurship and innovation through the eyes of photographer Riccardo de Vecchi and the imagination of artist Cédric Van Parys. Narrated by Hella van der Wijst and designed by Lu Liang, the Atlas of Imagination reveals the identity of a particular area in the Netherlands, while simultaneously suggesting scenarios for the future.

Exhibition, Symposium

London Design Biennale 2023

The Global Game

01 Jun — 25 Jun 2023

Het Nieuwe Instituut has been appointed Artistic Director of the fourth edition of the London Design Biennale, which takes place from 1 to 25 June 2023 at Somerset House. Led by its General and Artistic Director, Aric Chen, Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to experiment with the biennale’s format of national and territorial pavilions through the theme The Global Game: Remapping Collaborations.