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This Code of Conduct is a document in development. Het Nieuwe Instituut is a learning organisation and invites additions, critical notes and suggestions for this document and our practice. If you think something is missing, or needs to be clarified or improved, please contact Flora van Gaalen, Taco de Neef and Hanna Piksen by sending an email.

Last updated 7 April 2021

1.     Why we have a Code of Conduct


Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to offer the safest possible environment for all online and offline visitors, participants and human and non-human users, including its own employees. We all have to contribute to this. The Code of Conduct translates the starting points and principles that the institute stands for into concrete agreements. How do we all ensure that the institute is a place where everyone can be themselves as much as possible and can express themselves freely? We ask you to keep the following commitments and to help to remind each other – and us! – of them. This Code of Conduct applies to all Het Nieuwe Instituut attendees. This includes speakers, facilitators, sponsors, volunteers, staff and organisers.

2.      Who it applies to


The Code of Conduct applies to everyone present at Het Nieuwe Instituut, and also to visitors and participants in online activities and users of the institute’s outdoor areas and digital environments. Employees, audience and collaborating partners (including speakers) must adhere to it, as must facilitators, sponsors, volunteers, employees and organisers.

3.      What we ask of you


Let’s work together to ensure that the institute’s spaces are a pleasant place for all. Help us make and keep them as accessible, safe and comfortable as possible. We invite you to play an active role in this. Put yourself in the position of others, their lived experiences and their ideas. Learn from each other by taking an open and interested attitude to what people have to say. Exchange thoughts with each other in a patient, caring and respectful manner. Let each other finish, listen carefully. Look out for each other and ask how someone is doing if you think that’s necessary.

Address another person directly about compliance with the agreements if the circumstances and atmosphere are appropriate, or approach an employee of the institute to mediate. Contact an employee of Het Nieuwe Instituut immediately if you are being harassed, notice someone else being harassed, or if you have any other concerns. Always consider your own safety before personally intervening.

Intervene, speak up or contact an employee:

•  If someone uses or threatens to use verbal, physical or other violence against another.

•  If someone incites violence against any individual or group.

•  When comments, conversations or presentations are made that relate in an irrelevant, unwelcome or offensive way to background, family situation, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status, sexual orientation, native language, age, ability or disability, race and/or ethnicity, country of birth, socioeconomic status, religion, geographic location, or any other dimension of diversity.

•  If you witness intimidation, stalking, or someone taking pictures or making audio or video recordings without permission.

4.      When the Code of Conduct is not followed


If a participant or attendee of an online or offline activity harasses another or behaves in an otherwise unacceptable way, staff may take any action they deem necessary, including warning the offender or removing the offender without reimbursement of entry costs from Het Nieuwe Instituut or the digital environment of an activity. Attendees who are asked to stop behaving in an unacceptable way must do so immediately.

5.      Code of Conduct violations by staff members


Do not be afraid to contact another staff member if you notice an employee of the institute behaving in an unacceptable way. Appropriate measures will then be taken.



In preparing this Code of Conduct, we were inspired by the Afrotech Fest Code of Conduct, which was developed with resources and guidance from Geek FeminismCSSConf and JSConf, the Conference Code of Conduct, and the XOXO Community Code of Conduct. Another source of inspiration for this Code of Conduct was the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines.

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