In the past few decades, design has completely transcended its original role — shaping the aesthetics and ideology of the private home. Instead, it has become a tactical response to societal challenges at many scales. Everything can be designed, from an international movement to a social media profile. As “design thinking” becomes embedded into business and government practices, it acquires economic and political agency — but it also becomes accountable for issues related to ecology, labour, ethics, and access.

A selection of projects and activities

Sonneveld House interventions

Careful restoration work and interior refurbishment has turned Sonneveld House into a magnificent monument. The danger of a museum house, however, is that it is frozen in time. That is why Het Nieuwe Instituut decided to activate the monument by inviting artists, designers or architects to make a 'site specific' installation. Interventions by Richard Hutten, Petra Blaisse, Santiago Borja, Eva Rothschild and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.