In the past few decades, design has completely transcended its original role — shaping the aesthetics and ideology of the private home. Instead, it has become a tactical response to societal challenges at many scales. Everything can be designed, from an international movement to a social media profile. As “design thinking” becomes embedded into business and government practices, it acquires economic and political agency — but it also becomes accountable for issues related to ecology, labour, ethics, and access.

A selection of projects and activities

Reading Sites

Reading Sites is a series of written perspectives on the broader field of design. Taking events from design weeks to biennials as its starting point, the series invites designers, writers and critics to reflect on emerging tendencies and design ideologies, arriving at new narratives that can foster alternative, shared and non-exploitative futures.

Sonneveld House interventions

Careful restoration work and interior refurbishment has turned Sonneveld House into a magnificent monument. The danger of a museum house, however, is that it is frozen in time. That is why Het Nieuwe Instituut decided to activate the monument by inviting artists, designers or architects to make a 'site specific' installation. Interventions by Richard Hutten, Petra Blaisse, Santiago Borja, Eva Rothschild and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.