During the pandemic of the last 18 months, most cultural events migrated to Big Tech platforms such as Zoom or YouTube. The fact that these platforms are made for business, not culture, has influenced our event experience. Enter sprang from the question: what might be possible if we  develop our own platform as an institution, exploring the options of cultural making in the digital field?

Watch the video below to find out more about Enter. In it, project manager Florian van Zandwijk talks in depth about the platform with Margarita Osipian and Lillian Stolk of The Hmm, an inclusive platform for internet cultures. The conversation about Enter is part of The Hmm’s Alternative Platforms dossier. 

Enter is being designed and developed in collaboration with Marianne NoordzijIbo IbelingsKarl Mubarak and Florian van Zandwijk. The platform will be will be publicly available later in 2021. 

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Salone del Mobile 2021

From 6-10 September, Het Nieuwe Instituut presented ENTER_Milan for the Salone del Mobile 2021. Enter’s first public appearance was embedded within the exhibition Missed Your Call by Design Academy Eindhoven and featured a public programme of events and conversations.

Enter Online Residency

Artist, graphic designer and DJ Shiyun Deng, aka DJ USB, is the first Enter Artist in Residence. In collaboration with the Enter project team, Shiyun worked on a new digital work in 2021.

The residency is thematically linked to Het Nieuwe Instituut’s exhibition Temporary House of Home, and is based on the way we experience ‘online’ as a form of living space. It uses and adapts the tools available in Enter.


In the words of Shiyun Deng:

"It is finally possible to be here with you 24/7 responds to the current situation of online video calling embedded in everyday life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this hybrid communication, our homes are forms of online living and working space. One learns to make eye contacts with a camera in order to be present there. How does video calling change the perception of being present? What emotions does it arise for the body?"