With Every Body in the Place, we have built a version of a club in the basement of Het Nieuwe Instituut. 

We call it a portrait.

We have done so because we miss the club. We miss music. We miss dancing. We miss collective joy. 

What do you miss most? 

Since clubs have closed, we have endlessly looked at photos, watched videos and listened to recordings of club nights. 

We have texted each other, sent voice messages, and studied everything we could get our hands on to examine these feelings.

The result is this portrait.

It consists of videos, photos, music, lights and a text. They recreate memories of moments in which we were one with our surroundings, and everyone around us. 

Moments full of hope, love and friendship. Ecstatic moments that we never wanted to end.

So here we are now, looking for a feeling, a new beginning.

Every body in the place. Let's go.

Photographer Amie Galbraith (UK), scenographer Karl Klomp (NL), artist and musician Gaika Tavares (UK) and artist and gardener Juha van 't Zelfde (NL) transform Gallery -1 of Het Nieuwe Instituut into a club for a few months. In their installation in the basement, they use various media to sketch a collective 'portrait' of club culture and the feelings of being one with their surroundings and each other. After a forced period without nightlife, visitors can (re)experience the togetherness and collective joy of music and dance. 

Every Body in the Place is part of an ongoing research project in which Van 't Zelfde explores the social, cultural and political meanings of club culture at the request of Het Nieuwe Instituut's research department.

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