The five participating Dutch designers were Lilian van DaalKlaas KuikenRoos MeermanKarlijn Sibbel and Luuk Wiehink. The five German design professionals were designer Isabel Hamm, Sabine Voggenreiter of Die Passagen (Interior Design Week Köln), and Professor Wolfgang Laubersheimer, Professor Andreas Muxel  and professor Paolo Tumminelli from the Köln International School of Design (KISD).

The selection was made in partnership with Ontwerp Platform Arnhem (O.P.A.), because of its regional orientation on Germany. On 22 January 2016 each of the designers and their German hosts followed an individual programme, culminating in a joint dinner also attended by other relations. In February 2016 there will be a follow-up event. The KISD will organise KISDtalks, in which the participants will share their knowledge with the pubic.

Roos Meerman is a fellow at Het Nieuwe Instituut. Read more about het Roos Meerman's fellowship en haar onderzoeksproject Aera Fabrica.