An exhibition on what could be called the last Western, political garment - as controversial as it is fashionable - the hoodie. Its historical roots and its role in culture, fashion and politics. Curated by writer and curator Lou Stoppard.

Lou Stoppard: "As a garment, the hoodie defines our times – it tells many stories about social inequality, subcultures, police brutality, racism, privacy, fear and, in turn, fashion. With its roots in sports clothing and workwear, the hoodie as we know it today was popularised by Champion in the 1930s as a practical solution for workmen. It is now, arguably, western fashion’s last truly political garment – a garment that you can lose your life for wearing, a garment that can incite fear, jealously, comradery and even fury in others. It sparks a range of emotions, communicating all manner of social and cultural ideas and nuances depending on the gender, geography, age, conduct and ethnicity of the wearer and, in turn, the prejudices and politics of the viewer."

"The lingering question of the hoodie is simply: Who enjoys the right to wear one without challenge?" (New York Times)

"This question is at the heart of this exhibition, which spotlights artists and makers who use the hoodie within their work, while also contextualizing the hoodie within fashion history and spotlighting the diverse heritage of hooded garments."

Things and Materials

Het Nieuwe Instituut aims to increase the appreciation of the cultural and social significance of design and fashion. The exhibition is part of the programme track ‘Things and Materials’ that aims to investigate material and things as forms, symbols and commodities as well as the interlacing of aesthetic power with political and economic agency. Previous exhibitions in this series include Finders Keepers, Temporary Fashion Museum, Sleepmode and a series focusing on material innovation.



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