Each year, dozens of international professionals working in the fields of architecture, design, fashion and e-culture come to the Netherlands at Het Nieuwe Instituut’s invitation to get acquainted with the multidisciplinary way of working that characterises Dutch design.

The International Visitors Programme fosters international dialogue, cultural exchange, market expansion, and broadening of the international professional network. The institute creates custom schedules that enable its guests to quickly get to know a large number of organisations and individuals working in the Dutch design field.

Some visits are connected with Het Nieuwe Instituut’s programme tracks; others are hosted in collaboration with partner cultural organisations and Dutch embassies. Visitors hail from all over the world, with a focus on the priority countries named in the government’s international cultural policy: Germany, Belgium (specifically Flanders), the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, Spain, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, China, India, South Africa, Indonesia and Japan.

The International Visitors Programme runs from 1 January 2013 till 31 December 2016 and is made possible in part by support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information about the International Visitors Programme, please contact Joyce Hanssen at j.hanssen@hetnieuweinstituut.nl

Paul Greenhalgh (UK) / June 2015

The lecture The future of the Expo Model in Het Nieuwe Instituut is for culture historian Paul Greenhalgh reason to visit the Netherlands. Read more

Christine Boyer (USA) / June 2015

Professor of architecture and urbanism Christine Boyer is visiting the Netherlands for a workshop and a lecture in Het Nieuwe Instituut. Read more

Carol Seigel (UK) / May 2015

Carol Seigel will visit Het Nieuwe Instituut to learn more about the developments in the field of museum houses. Read more

Steve Rura (USA) and Charles Spence (UK) / May 2015

Two guests coming to the Netherlands for the What Design Can Do conference will stop by Het Nieuwe Instituut to chat with the staff. Read more

Filip Visnjic (UK) and Matthew Plummer-Fernandez (UK/COL) / May 2015

Two visitors will come to the Netherlands to take part in the Fiber Festival and a meeting at Het Nieuwe Instituut. Read more

Kate Goodwin (UK), Savvas Ciriacidis (CH) and Tina di Carlo (USA) / April 2015

Three guests have come to the Netherlands to speak at the 1:1 Symposium. Read more

Irina Chepkunova and Alexandra Stepina (RUS) / April 2015

Two Russian museum staff members have come to the Netherlands to learn about making archives accessible. Read more

Benjamin Bratton / February 2015

Benjamin Bratton will visit the Netherlands to deliver one of the keynote speeches at the Sonic Acts Festival. Read more

Sheila Kennedy and Frano Violich / January 2015

The architects Sheila Kennedy and Frano Violich, of Kennedy & Violich Architecture in the United States, are visiting the Netherlands for an expert meeting at the TextielMuseum in Tilburg. Read more

Nicolás Valencia (Chile) / December 2014

Nicolás Valencia, a journalist for ArchDaily, came to the Netherlands to attend Mark Wigley’s 2014 Premsela Lecture. Read more

Claudia Banz (Germany) / December 2014

Art historian and curator Claudia Banz from Germany has been invited to visit the Netherlands to hold a lecture on 4 December at the 2014 Fashion Symposium. Read more

Susan Freinkel (USA) / October 2014

As main speaker for the lecture 'Hello PLASTIC' at Het Nieuwe Instituut on 23 October 2014, Susan Freinkel is visiting the Netherlands in the context of the International Visitors Programme. Read more

Zach Lieberman and Golan Levin (USA) / October 2014

In the context of the Cinekid festival, two prominent media professionals from the United States - Zach Lieberman and Golan Levin - have been invited to the Netherlands. On October 9 and 10 they will visit various new media institutes in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, including Het Nieuwe Instituut. Read more

Rashiq Fataar (South-Africa) / September 2014

In collaboration with the Consulate General in Cape Town and the INTI (International New Town Institute), Rashiq Fataar from South Africa was invited to the Netherlands to expand his network and gain new ideas and knowledge.  Read more

Jo Simpson (UK), Mathew Stevenson-Wright (UK), Marlo Saalmink (DK) and Lotte Mostert (BE) / July 2014

An international group of four fashion professionals was invited to serve on the expert panel at Lichting 2014, the competition for up-and-coming fashion talent. Read more

Marco Pecorari (IT), Rita Airaghi (IT) and Nadia Magnenat Thalmann (CH) / June 2014

Three keynote speakers at the Re-Source fashion conference came to the Netherlands under the auspices of the International Visitors' Programme. Read more

José Armenio de Brito Cruz and Guilherme Wisnik (Brazil) / June 2014

José Armenio de Brito Cruz and Guilherme Wisnik of the São Paulo Architecture Biennial visited Rotterdam in connection with the Dutch city's architecture biennial and spoke with Het Nieuwe Instituut about possible collaboration. Read more

Stephan Becker and Adeline Seidel (Germany) / May 2014

Two German journalists visited Rotterdam for the opening of the architecture biennial, Het Nieuwe Paviljoen 2014 and the exhibition Wood. Read more

Chris Cerrito and Tom Klinkowstein (USA) / May 2014

Het Nieuwe Instituut invited two American speakers to appear at DEAF2014 under the auspices of its International Visitors' Programme. Read more

Nelly Ben Hayoun (UK) and Paola Antonelli (USA) / May 2014

Two international speakers were invited to attend the What Design Can Do design conference in Amsterdam, and they also visited Het Nieuwe Instituut. Read more

Ewa Porębska, Grzegorz Stiasny and Marcin Czechowicz (POL) / April 2014

A team from the Polish architecture magazine Murator Architektura visited the Netherlands to meet designers and get a close-up view of projects. The magazine subsequently published a special Dutch issue. Read more

Meredith Carruthers (CA) / March 2014

As curator of the 2014 Istanbul Design Biennal, Meredith Carruthers visited various Dutch designers. Read more

Caroline Baumann (USA), Edwin Heathcote (UK) and Virginia Tassinari (BE) / January 2014

Three design experts visited the Netherlands to sit on the Rotterdam Design Prize jury. Read more