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The Enter platform combines experimental digital design, web development and critical reflection in pursuit of the goal of building a more independent, privacy- and human-friendly alternative to the standard online platforms. While continuously in development, Enter provides an intimate and flexible online space for conversations and small-scale events. On this occasion, Enter also transforms into a physical interior, creating a hybrid environment for meetings between people in Milan and elsewhere.

The ENTER_Milan programme is embedded within the exhibition Missed Your Call by Design Academy Eindhoven, which shows projects by 2020 graduates of its bachelor's programme in the setting of a former bakery factory built in 1898, a hidden icon of industrial architecture in central Milan that is closed to the public for most of the year.

Dates and opening hours
6-10 September 2021
11:00-19:00, last entry at 18:30

Via Vincenzo Monti 59, Milan

Online via:



ENTER_Milan includes five days of readings, explorations, interviews, discussions and presentations by and with designers, writers, curators, educators, students and others working in design.

6 September – Design as Collaboration
Design as Collaboration highlights collaborative practices within design, extending beyond the notion of individual authorship. It puts collective thinking at the centre of design education and practice.

Design Dialogues 11:00–12:00
Welcome by Francien van Westrenen (head of Agency at Het Nieuwe Instituut). Moderator Angela Rui (design critic and curator) talks to Aric Chen (artistic director of Het Nieuwe Instituut) and Joseph Grima (director of Design Academy Eindhoven); and to Guus Beumer (founding director Het Nieuwe Instituut), Brendan Cormier (writer, curator, urban designer) and Maureen Mooren (graphic designer) about the publication Expansive BodiesContesting Design at Het Nieuwe Instituut (nai010 publishers).

Salone Reports and Readings 16:00–17:00
With editor and writer Bianca Felicori.

7 September – Multivocal Worlds
Multivocal Worlds scrutinises the dominant positions and the modernist principles that have prevailed in Western design education, closely tied to notions of objectivity and universality. It aims to encourage designers to be more aware of the political context within which they operate, and to take greater account of difference while pushing for creativity and experimentation.

Design Dialogues 11:00–12:00
Moderator Angela Rui (design critic and curator) talks to Tabea Nixdorff (graphic designer) and Setareh Noorani (architect and researcher at Het Nieuwe Instituut) about Feminist Design Strategies (part of the exhibition Designing the Social at Het Nieuwe Instituut); and to the members of Resolve Collective (an interdisciplinary design collective based in the UK) on collaborative design practices.

Salone Reports and Readings 16:00–17:00
With writer, editor and designer Nicholas Korody.

8 September – Alchemist Dreams
Alchemist Dreams will explore the continued search for energy and new materials and its implications for the field of design. The aim is to spark a debate on larger questions of burn-out and productivity in relation to the human body and the planet.

Design Dialogues 11:00–12:00
Moderator Angela Rui (design critic and curator) talks to Anastasia Kubrak (designer, researcher), Francisco Diaz (publisher) and other contributors to Lithium; and with Shahar Livne (conceptual material designer).

Salone Reports and Readings 16:00–17:00
With designer Sofia Pia Belenky.

9 September – More-than-Human Thinking
This session proposes design practices beyond the centrality of the human subject, and invites us to imagine networks of ethics and responsibility emerging from the messy and complex life around and beneath us.

Design Dialogues 11:00–12:00
Moderator Angela Rui (design critic and curator) discusses post-anthropocentric thinking with Andrés Jaque (architect and scholar), Lucia Pietroiusti (curator) and Marina Otero Verzier (architect and director of Research at Het Nieuwe Instituut), the editors of the More-than-Human Reader; and the Zoöp, a new kind of legal format for collaboration between humans and collective bodies of non-humans that supports ecological regeneration, with Klaas Kuitenbrouwer.

Salone Reports and Readings 16:00–17:00
With architect and editor Andrea Bagnato.

10 September – On Screen(s) – Together Apart
On Screen(s) – Together Apart focuses on the possibilities and challenges that emerge from the intensified dependencies of mediated learning and practice. Guests will look at the space of the screen, the territories and bodies it mediates, and the infrastructure and platforms that sustain them. How could they facilitate forms of political engagement within the design field?

Design Dialogues 11:00–12:00
Moderator Florian van Zandwijk talks to Enter resident Shiyun Deng and Enter developer and artist Marianne Noordzij; and to Delany Boutkan and Katía Truijen about the publication For the Record, which investigates how contemporary music video culture operates as a public space for consumerism, activism and emancipation.

Salone Reports and Readings 16:00–17:00
With designer and researcher Ginevra Petrozzi.


Note for editors
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