Not much has been written about the origins of the women's movement, the position of women in Rotterdam and the process of women's liberation. Nevertheless, it is a history that should not be lost. This exhibition, Hear Her, gives a picture of the activities of the feminist Filmgroep Storing, which was active in Rotterdam around 1980.

This exhibition is a follow-up to the Gerse Vrouwen project. At the end of 2019, a huge mountain of archive material from various women's organisations was found in the attic of Dona Daria, centre for inclusivity. This archive material was a good reason for galleryand heritage lab Dig it Up to create an exhibition about women's liberation.
In order to sustainably store not only the archive documents, but also the people's stories for the future, Dig it Up is working together with Erasmus University Rotterdam and Clariah, Rotterdam City Archives and Geschiedenislab on the Stories in Motion project. In this project, knowledge was gained about the history of the Rotterdam women's movement by means of oral history interviews. Based on the experiences of the participants, a standard working model was then made for creating, describing, enriching and making oral history data accessible.
One of the members of Filmgroep Storing, Mieke de Wit, was interviewed by Dederiek Soeters in the context of Gerse Vrouwen. In preparation for that conversation, there was a group discussion with De Wit, Saskia van Holten and Marijke van Eck.
This exhibition was made in collaboration with heritage lab Dig it Up, the (oral) history organisation Geschiedenislab, Rotterdam City Archives, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Clariah.




Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


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