Feminists rely on encounters to form networks of solidarity and friendship in order to actualise their activisms. Telling the stories of our ‘everyday’ experiences and relating these to the structural inequalities present in society aids collective consciousness-raising. In a hostile climate, in which these experiences are easily ignored or downplayed, the echoing of these stories, along with the mentioning of the person or collective who made these points, is a strategy called ‘amplification’. Finding feminist kin and being recognised for one’s specific experiences is more precarious for some women (and gender-nonconforming people) than for others, depending on their privileges in Dutch society at large. Whiteness as an ideology does not halt before feminist spaces. The response during second wave feminism in the Netherlands was a powerful formation of Black* feminist networks (*Black as a political term, including all diasporic communities). This roundtable, which is a continuation of a pilot version which took place in December 2021, will nurture an intergenerational exchange and amplify the – still largely unknown – pioneering work of Black feminists that resists the very notion of a linear progression of time, or thinking in ‘waves.’

I would like to join Roundtable #1

11:00 – 13:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


Als je aan een van de gesprekken wil deelnemen kun je dat, voorzien van een korte motivatie, per e-mail laten weten.