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Welcome to Het Nieuwe Instituut! We kindly ask all our visitors to help create a safe and comfortable space: a shared environment which everyone feels free to experience and enjoy in their own way. We encourage our visitors to be sociable, taking curiosity and creativity as their starting point. If you feel unsafe during your visit, please talk to a staff member.

Coronavirus regulations

There are new coronavirus regulations as of 25 September. Please take a moment to understand the conditions that now apply to a visit to Het Nieuwe Instituut and Sonneveld House. Het Nieuwe Instituut follows the Museum Protocol, the rules of conduct for safe and responsible museum visits drawn up by the Museum Association on the basis of the RIVM guidelines.

  • Under the new regulations, a museum is considered a ‘transfer location’. This means that if you are visiting the museum or bookstore, you do not have to show a corona pass.
  • For all unseated and seated events, a corona pass must be shown, even in transfer locations such as museums. This means that we are required to check the corona pass of all visitors (aged 13 and above) attending Thursday Night Live! and other events. Guided tours are regarded as ‘transfer events’ and do not require a corona pass.
  • A visit to the Research Centre does not require a corona pass.
  • All catering establishments require a corona pass, even when they are part of a transfer location such as a museum. Visitors who take a seat in Het Nieuwe Café must be able to show a corona pass. If you sit on the terrace outdoors, it is possible to collect drinks at the bar and settle your bill indoors without a corona pass (because the museum in which the café is located is a transfer location).
  • Registration and health checks are compulsory wherever a corona pass is required.
  • To prevent visitors to several different destinations in the institute having to be checked several times, Het Nieuwe Instituut provides a disposable coloured wristband after the first check. This means that you won’t need to be checked again if, for example, you want to sit in the café after attending an event.
  • You can now visit Het Nieuwe Instituut and Sonneveld House without a reservation. If you prefer, you can still buy a ticket in advance via
  • Wearing a face mask is no longer compulsory. However, employees and visitors are welcome to wear one if they prefer to do so.
  • During your visit, remember to wash your hands regularly, and sneeze or cough into your elbow. Please stay at home if you have symptoms.

The main entrance remains out of use for the time being due to construction work in the Museum Park. In the coming months, we will continue to use the entrance and exit at 40 Rochussenstraat, accessible via the arcade under the archive building.

Thank you for your cooperation and have fun at Het Nieuwe Instituut and Sonneveld House!

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