Dressed by Architects

Surprising finds from the collection #5

The fifth exhibition in the series Surprising Finds from the Collection focuses on examples of fashion in various architectural drawings from the archives of Het Nieuwe Instituut. Featuring architectural sketches showing elegant ladies parading through the streets, chic gentlemen posing in front of villas and children enjoying an endless summer in front of their summer house. Part of the Temporary Fashion Museum.

Monuments to Peace

Surprising Finds from the Collection #5

In 2015 the Netherlands commemorates its occupation seventy-five years ago and celebrates its liberation seventy years ago. Monuments to Peace presents both realised and unexecuted designs for war memorials from the archives of Het Nieuwe Instituut. In the exhibition, three young designers and artists selected by Studio Makkink & Bey show how a new generation deals with themes of war and peace.

The Netherlands builds in brick

Surprising finds from the collection #3

The exhibition The Netherlands builds in brick modifies the assumed triumph of modernism in the period between the two world wars. Drawing on two collections of photographs from the archive, this third instalment in the series Surprising finds from the collection shows that brick remained a favoured construction material, even for experimentation.


Surprising finds from the collection #2

After Summer Dreams, the series Surprising finds from the collection descends into the night-time world of bohemians and night owls. How did architects over the past century manage to capture in their drawings the bustle as the audience gradually files into a theatre? What mood do their sketches conjure up of a café or club? And does any drawing depict the loneliness of the city, the emptiness after the party?

Summer Dreams

Surprising finds from the collection #1

Summer Dreams is the first edition of Surprising Finds from the CollectionSummer Dreams is about sun, vacation and leisure. Drawings, models, photographs and other documents show how the Dutch spent their leisure time in the last century: outside in the sun, in the city, on the water, or in nature. From designs for swimming pools, summerhouses and luxury holiday resorts, to travel sketches and drawings of all that grows and blossoms. 

Surprising Finds from the Collection

For the series Surprising Finds archivist Alfred Marks selects extraordinary drawings, photographs, objects and models from the archives of Het Nieuwe Instituut on the basis of a theme. The presentations do not necessarily show the highlights of the Dutch architectural history, but first and foremost show the richness, diversity and narrative power of the collection.

New Archive Interpretations

Five Research Commissions

Het Nieuwe Instituut examined the challenges and potential of the digital archive. Starting from the premise of the archive as system, a series of themes linked to exhibitions at Het Nieuwe Instituut formed the basis of new research by artists, designers and photographers, in search of the invisible layers of the digital archive.