Giovanni Maisto Ferreira and OTION present Touch'M: a series of events that aim to start a conversation about non-sexual intimacy between men as a catalyst for healing. The two artists join hands with Kunstinstituut Melly and Het Nieuwe Instituut to offer space for anyone interested to join. During the first day Giovanni and OTION organise an evening of conversations, performances and presentations at Het Nieuwe Instituut. The evening will be moderated by Aqueene Wilson (Fellow at Kunstinstituut Melly).

On 6 and 7 November, Kunstinstituut Melly organises a men circle under the name Holding Sacred Space For Healthy Masculine Energy. With the founder of The Gathering of Men, Oscar Alonso Delgado, as the main facilitator of this training, we invite everyone to share, express, support, and empower each other.

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This series of events is named after the short film touch’M, directed by Giovanni Maisto Ferreira, which demonstrates how beautiful physical connection can be and simultaneously serves as a display of Giovanni’s personal experience of healthy masculine touch. The film was created to challenge people’s views on what it means to be intimate while being a man. The artist states: “This short film serves as a symbolic depiction of how non-sexual touch can heal parts of the toxic masculinity that is prevalent but silent in Western society." For the film, OTION was a featured performer, choreographer, songwriter and co-producer of the eponymous title song touch'M. The short film will be presented during this event. 

Leading up to the event the art installation Skinscape, showcased in the film, is on display in the foyer of Het Nieuwe Instituut. 



20:00 – 22:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


This is a free event. 

We would like to ask attendees to consider donating to the Black Queer & Trans Resistance Netherlands.

Giovanni Maisto Ferreira is an artist exploring various types of media to highlight a deeply personal perception of our contemporary society and its dysfunctions. With his work he questions our common relationship to and interactions with the human body. By thinking in terms of spaces, textures and storytelling, Giovanni builds sensitive and immersive experiences. OTION is a multidisciplinary stage artist. His performances organically blend dance, live music, sung and spoken word with a strong emphasis on storytelling. Giovanni and OTION have performed together at Het Nieuwe Instituut before with their work G's Us for the exhibition G/D Thyself: Spirit Strategies for Raising Free Black Children

The Touch'M event series is a collaboration between Giovanni Maisto Ferreira, OTION, Kunstinstituut Melly and Het Nieuwe Instituut

The second and third evening of this event series will take place at Kunstinstituut Melly on 6 and 7 November 2021.

Holding Sacred Space For Healthy Masculine Energy

6 and 7 November at Kunstinstituut Melly

Following the opening evening of Touch’M, an event series in collaboration with Giovanni Maisto Ferreira, OTION en Het Nieuwe Instituut, Kunstinstituut Melly presents a men-circle called: Holding Space For Healthy Masculine Energy. Through meditation, breathwork, movement exercises, and mindful communication we will actively practice non-sexual touch and connection among men, as a means to heal toxic masculinity. With the founder of The Gathering of Men, Oscar Alonso Delgado, as the main facilitator of this training, we invite everyone to share, express, support, and empower each other.