Dr. Mariangela Lavanga (Afdeling Algemene Cultuurwetenschappen, ESHCC) organiseert een symposium dat de huidige praktijk en uitdagingen van de modeindustrie, van ontwerp en productie tot distributie, in kaart brengt.

13:00 – 17:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


Dagprogramma€ 15,00
Dagprogramma studentengratis
Combi-ticket (dag- en avondprogramma)€ 20
Combi-ticket studenten€ 3,75
Thursday Night Dinner€17,50

The symposium will reflect on the practices between fashion designers and craftsmen, the role of offline and online fashion intermediaries, the challenges the fashion industry is facing as well the new business models that are emerging. Speakers include academics, fashion intermediaries as well fashion entrepreneurs and fashion designers.

The fashion industry is on the verge of a revolution where sustainability is the keyword. As the location of production moves to the East and fast fashion is on the rise together with a higher speed of fashion cycles and fashion weeks, independent fashion designers are challenging the system and showing how it can be better and greener. New business models and strategies are being developed, ranging from a rediscovery of local craftsmanship skills, to recycling, reducing the number of collections, producing less and on-demand, and embracing technology. These strategies are accompanied by new ways to reach the (global) fashion intermediaries and the consumers through both offline and online worlds.

Day programme

The day programme - Behind the Scenes in the Fashion Industry is organized by Erasmus University Rotterdam, Creating 010 (Hogeschool Rotterdam) and Willem De Kooning Academy in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut and CLICKNL | NextFashion. The day programme is part of NWO (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) and CLICKNL (The Dutch Creative Industries Knowledge and Innovation Network) project "Behind the scenes in Dutch fashion; Bridging the gap between independent fashion designers, craftsmen and fashion intermediaries".

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Mariangela Lavanga (EUR)
  • Lucie Huiskens (CLICKNL | NextFashion)
  • Dr. Nana Adusei-Poku (Creating 010)
  • Liane van der Linden (WdKA and Creating 010)
  • Dr. Paul Rutten (Creating 010)
  • Prof. dr. Angela McRobbie (Goldsmiths University, London)
  • Rick van Rijthoven (Modefabriek and MOVE-Makers of Virtual Events)
  • Anna Telcs (NOT JUST A LABEL)

Thursday Night

The evening programme - Pioneers in Fashion: Better and Greener is organized by Het Nieuwe Instituut as part of the Temporary Fashion Museum and the Thursday Night programme in collaboration with Erasmus University Rotterdam, Creating 010 (Hogeschool Rotterdam), Willem De Kooning Academy, Glamcult and CLICKNL | NextFashion.

Speakers include:

  • Annemieke Koster (Enschede Textielstad)
  • Conny Groenewegen (fashion designer)
  • Barbara Langendijk (fashion designer)
  • Martijn van Strien (fashion designer)
  • Anna Telcs (NOT JUST A LABEL)

Until 20.00: Temporary Fashion Museum

This Thursday Night is part of the Temporary Fashion Museum project. For this occasion the Temporary Fashion Museum is open until 20.00.

Thursday Night Dinner

Prior to the Thursday Night at 6.30 pm we serve a meal made from fresh, organic produce in Het Nieuwe Café. An opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers, Het Nieuwe Instituut staff and other visitors. The meal costs €17,50 including drinks.